BSH N14 Boost Tap

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We did some self cleaning and found this, a BSH N14 Boost Tap! We only have 1 at this price and once it's gone, it gone! ONLY fit N14 cars!

Form their web site:

Nothing says “almost there” like a bunch of tee’d off lines cluttering your engine bay. BSH helps you tidy up your lines and provide a proper signal for your components with use of its billet boost tap for your N14 equipped vehicle. Utilizing CAD drawing and CNC Lathe machining this part is a perfect fit every time.  The BSH Direct Dual Boost Tap fits on all N14 motors, 2007-2010 R55/R56/R57 (Clubman/Hartop/Convertible) Cooper S and 2011-2012 JCW's.  This Boost Tap has 2 ports for sourcing Boost/Vac conditions to be used with your Boost Gauge or Boost Controllers.  When used in-conjunction with the R56 Competition Catch Can, the Direct Dual Boost Tap doubles as a block-off (plug provided in kit) to stop PCV gases from entering directly into the intake manifold and gunk up your intake valves.  Includes: Billet Boost Tap O-Ring kit Retaining Hardware Vacuum Port Block off Plugs (2) Vacuum Nipples (2) PCV Port Block off Plug (1)