BSH N18 Oil Catch Can

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4.00 LBS
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We did some self cleaning and found this, a BSH N18 Oil Catrch Can! We only have 1 at this price and once it's gone, it gone! ONLY fit N18 cars!

Form their wed site:

You can’t always re-invent the wheel, but with the right manufacturing processes, you can make one a little more round.  BSH takes their catch cans seriously. Externally all cans are welded together to avoid the all too common leaking issues bolt together setups have. Internally better than the competition by incorporating mesh baffling to slow down oil vapors so they cool and condense inside the can instead of your charge piping/engine. All connections are made with push lock fittings and hose to limit the use of hose clamps that would otherwise clutter up the bay. Integrated drain fittings into the base of the catch can makes maintenance a breeze.  All BSH catch can systems are designed to be completely reversible and mate with factory PCV connections utilizing vehicle specific billet connectors. The N18 catch can kit ships complete with a milled aluminum bracket for a direct mount to an easy to access tab in the engine compartment.  

Catch Can Kit Includes:

  • BSH Competition High Capacity Catch Can
  • BSH Billet Dip Stick
  • BSH Billet PCV Adapter Fittings
  • Catch Can Bracket
  • Integrated O-Ring Sealed Drain
  • Oil and Heat Resistant O-Rings
  • Retaining Hardware
  • Push Lock Hose 120 degree AN
  • Push Lock Fitting 90 degree AN
  • Push Lock Fitting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware Retention clip hardware