DDMWorks MINI Cooper S Race Intake System G2

DDMWorks MINI Cooper S Race Intake System G2

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DDMWorks Race Intake System (RIS) for all Gen 2 MINI Cooper S. The intake comes in two parts; the RAS or Ram Air Scoop, which makes use of the non functional hood scoop that was just waiting to be used as an intake source, and the DDMWorks PFB or Pressurized Filter Box. With the complete race system in place, your MINI's filter is washed with cool pressurized ambient air coming in from the front of the car. The whole system working together insures improved throttle response and maximum power consistently for your MINI.

The DDMWorks RAS (Ram Air Scoop) The unique shape of the DDMWorks RAS was designed to accelerate the incoming air from the hood scoop and keep the new intake box under pressure forcing even more cold air into the turbo and engine. Two diverters on the back of the RAS direct the air down into the filter, and the RAS seals with the top of our pressurized filter box (PFB) to ensure a cool ambient air supply. We also wanted regular maintenance of the car to be unaffected with the intake installed; so even with the RAS mounted to the bonnet of the car, regular maintenance of your engine is just as easy as stock. Access to the spark plugs, oil filter and oil fill are just like stock. The scoop attaches to the bonnet using existing mounting points so there is no drilling or modifications needed for installation. The RAS can also be purchased separately for use with other intake systems that leave an exposed filter in the back of the engine bay. We learned during our thousands of miles of testing that exposed filters without the RAS in place see good temperatures during light cruise, but during long pulls the temperature of the incoming air continued to climb as the turbo heated the air coming in through the scoop. With the simple addition of the RAS on those intakes, temperatures stayed only a few degrees above ambient, which resulted in better throttle response and more consistent power. The RAS is offered in black matte powder coat for a stock appearance.

The DDMWorks PFB (Pressurized Filter Box) During that intake testing, we learned a lot about the new turbo MINI. A simple filter attached off of the Air flow meter did a really good job of freeing up the intake on the new R56. In fact, this simple intake proved to be a really good bang for the buck. However, we did not want to produce just a good intake; we knew we could do better. So we took the time to seal the intake with a covered box that installs easily over the bottom of your stock intake. With the system in place, the RAS seals with the PFB resulting in a pressurized system at speed that eliminates restriction before the turbo like no simple filter intake system can duplicate. It also keeps the air coming into your MINI at ambient, a big plus if you are looking to make consistent power during long full throttle accelerations at the track. The PFB comes with a K&N filter that really allows you to hear the turbo spool and the bypass valve sounds during shifts. The intake is offered in DDMWorks Black matte powder coat for a very OEM look. Custom finishes are available upon request, please email us for more information.

We often get questions about water and the hood scoop and if there are any problems with water ingestion while driving in heavy rain. During the design and testing this is something that they did focus on and wanted to make sure we addressed. What we came up with is a couple things to make sure that there was going to be no problems with water ingestion. The front of the scoop sits lower than the back and so the limited amount of water that comes in through the scoop has to travel uphill to get to the back of the scoop. There are 3 drain holes located in the front of the scoop to allow any of this water to escape. Any of the water that does make it all the way up and to the back of the scoop will fall onto the filter, which is impregnated with oil, which repels the water. The filter is installed so that it sits at an angle and will cause the water to run off and drop into the bottom of the airbox, where a hole is located from the factory to allow any water to drop out.


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