Detroit Tuned Brew Swap Shirts

Detroit Tuned Brew Swap Shirts

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DT T-Shirt Brew Swap
1.00 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Were you missing a Brew Swap Shirt from a year you attended? Did you accidentally get bleach all over your favorite Brew Swap shirt? Do you just like cool shirts about beer and MINI's?

If so, look no further! We found a small assortment of Brew Swap shirts from 3 different years! We apologize if we do not have your size or year you're looking for, we found these as we were doing some spring cleaning.

Shirts available:

  • Brew Swap 12 (green shirt) - 1 Medium, 1 Large
  • Brew Swap 13 (navy blue shirt) - 2 Small, 1 Medium
  • Brew Swap 14 (black shirt) - 2 Medium, 1 Large