Detroit Tuned Stage 1 Brake Kit Gen 2

Detroit Tuned Stage 1 Brake Kit Gen 2

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So it's time for brakes, and you want to upgrade it a bit without getting too expensive, but works just like stock. Then this kit is for you! We pair up all the right parts for your generation 2 Cooper or Cooper S. This Stage 1 Kit comes with everything you would need for a great set of street/autocross brakes. Buy it as a kit and SAVE! We give you the Brake fluid for free when ordered as a kit!


We have been using SP Performance brakes for a long time here at the shop with very good results!  We liked it so much we are including them in all of our kits whenever possible.  The SP Performance Slotted Rotors with the ZRC coating provides long-lasting protection against corrosion in the most hostile salt-water environments. After being applied, ZRC provides the highest level of galvanic protection. The film of ZRC is conductive. After the coating heats up during use, it bonds permanently to the metal surface. It will not allow the metal to corrode, even when the surface is scratched. 

We then pair it with a set of SP Performance Semi-Metallic Brake Pads. These semi metallic high performance brake pads are formulated for aggressive street driving, smooth quiet stopping, and will also keep your wheels clean. Street Plus brake pads have proven themselves in all types of weather conditions to stop better and last longer than traditional brake pads. SP Performance products are Made in the U.S.A.



Included in this kit:

  • SP Performance Front & Rear Slotted Rotors
  • SP Performance Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • Detroit Tuned Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit
  • Brake Sensors Front & Rear
  • 1 Bottle of ATE TYP 200 (FREE!)

Note: The Brembo kit option will come with Hawk front pads as SP doesn't make a pad for this application.