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DT Turbo Oil Line SUPER Kit

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Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line SUPER Kit! We were the first company to design the turbo oil line and also the first company to bring complete kits to market to fix all the leaks that we see in our shop! This kit comes with everything you will need to seal up any and all the turbo oil leaks on your MINI and make it brand new, in one easy button. (We really highly recommend this kit for everyone!)

Have a leaky turbo oil feed line? The Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Kit is in stock, and ready to ship! This kit fixes the current stock oil line leak that happens when the line gets too hot, too many times. The stock line have an o-ring seal that allows adjustment in both directions, but the problem is the o-ring. After hundreds of heat cycles, the o-ring cooks itself and starts to leak oil onto the top of the turbo. The longer you let it go, the worse it gets. We already know the turbo engines like to use a bit of oil; now if yours has a leak, you're really going thru the oil! This kit fixes all of that, so you will never have to worry about it again.

If your car is really wet and just a really big mess, then you need all the extra stuff that comes in this kit. To complete the job correctly we paired our line with everything you see below. We have seen too many cars come back after we told them to replace the oil filter housing sealing while they were in there, because it's the same amount of work to get to the seal later. Take the time and do it right, the seal will leak later; as well as this is the new up-to-date part from MINI. This is a hard enough job, don't make it so you have to do it twice!

All parts in this kit are MINI OEM other than the Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Feed line. We used to include a factor heat shield (11-65-7-634-747) because it was cheap at the time and could not hurt anything. But due to rising costs, and it was not needed with our line in place, we omitted it to help save you money. But if you would like to install the heat shield as well, you can buy it here. We also recommend to replace the oil cooler seals while you're in there. You might even want to change the oil and add a fresh OEM Filter while you're at it! Don't forget you will get into the coolant system when replacing the oil filter housing gasket. So you need to have all the right parts on hand before you start, and that includes the correct coolant on handIt's a good time to do a complete flush!

This comes with:

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Note: Fits all MINI Cooper S cars that currently come with a  turbo in the "R" car line, with the N14 or N18 motors, "JCW" or "S". This will also fit the Euro Peugeot 2007+ 207 GTI (thp175) & Peugeot 2008+ 308 Turbo "EP6DT".

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54 Reviews

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    Easy instructions and everythings included

    Posted by Bob Wetherspoon on 15th Jan 2018

    The instructions were spot on and the kit had everything I needed for a good install. I would recommend adding the oil filter to the kit since your pulling the housing anyway. Every piece fit and the instructions included all the torque specs!

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    A Novice Who's Very Happy

    Posted by LARRY ROBINSON, JR. on 6th Jan 2018

    My first real attempt at doing something mechanical like this. DT's website's direction to get the full kit was excellent advice. The products are superior to the OEM. The job took me a REALLY long time because I didn't know what I was doing, but DT's instructions were helpful in pointing me in the right direction.
    Thanks DT!

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    Great quality product and beautifully packaged

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2017

    All the lines fit great and look great as well. It was nice receiving a package that doesn’t have parts just throw in a box. The package comes very nicely packaged/presented.

  • 5
    Tough job but someone had to do it

    Posted by Jonathan Sykes on 19th Sep 2017

    Kit was awesome. I installed this kit and changed the Serpentine belt in about 7 hours. The heat shields around the exhaust are the worst part of this job by far. Couldn't be happier with the quality of what is included in the kit.

  • 5
    Oil Filter Housing Seals

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jul 2017

    Seems to be a great product so far. I encourage people using this super kit to purchase the oil cooler seals as well as the two small hoses from the electric water pump to the turbo. As many have said before, putting the Mini into the service position is not for the faint of heart - time and blood are sure to be spent. Also, the Turbo does NOT have to be removed to replace the oil pressure line,it slips out easily when unbolted

  • 5
    Long install 100 percent worth it

    Posted by Drew Cook on 28th Jun 2017

    Took me roughly 3 hours to do the install, if I were to do it again I feel I could do it in an hour or so but this kit is super worth it and super high quality the braid looks amazing and seems much more reliable than the standard one

  • 5
    Own an R56, buy now

    Posted by Joshua Suits on 18th May 2017

    Everything I needed to do the job right, quality built stainless steel line and all the other OEM parts needed to do it. Only wish it installed its self, I can only dream.

  • 5
    By far the best money you can spend.

    Posted by Nick Vutsinas on 16th May 2017

    Picked up this kit for my R56 after I noticed a leak coming from my turbo. So much better than stock! Everything in the kit is high quality, not made from cheap knock off material. I reccommmend this to everyone!

  • 4
    Would like more instructions for complete change-out and a few more washers in the kit.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Apr 2017

    First, I don't really like flared fittings because when you tighten them up - the line starts twisting. So getting a nice installation requires two hands, one to hold the line and the other to tighten. Second, there should be two additional copper washers in the kit for the banjo water fitting on the turbo. Third, most important, is there are no instructions for bleeding the air out of the system, and the turbo was smoking after the install, including a bad burning smell that lasted for three days. The crankcase was also smoking. I saw white foam inside of the oil fill cap and decided to change the oil. That helped a lot. I assume there was coolant in the oil. Overall it took two days for the entire job. The heat shields are the hardest part of the job.

    DT EDIT: The only way to make this line better is this style of fitting. This is why the first line failed , cause of gaskets. You do not need to remove the coolant lines when doing this job, so the cooper washers are not needed. Also there is air in the system every time you shut the car off since it drains back into the car (from both ends). The oil pump forces 16 psi of oil to it very quickly. The smoke was from oil and cleaners on the turbo burning off. Let us know if you need any help.