MINI Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Note: Sold by the bottle.

This MINI Automatic Transmission Fluid is just what you need to do a flush on your Gen 1 or 2 Cooper S, Automatic Transmission. This is the correct spec fluid, direct from MINI. Normally, the transmission hold 6 qts. (dry), but when you're doing a flush, you can only get about 2 ½ - 3 qts. in, due to the fluid in the torque converter. To do a more complete flush, you need to drive the car for a "day," and do it again. You may even want to do it a third time, depending on how the fluid is looking. Each time you drain it, you will see the color of the fluid go from a really dark red/brown to a brighter red color. You can now be the judge. A Bentley manual is helpful any time you're working on your MINI, but is lacking some information on this particular transmission flush. See the below how-to for better details.This is not a difficult job, but it comes in a harder skill level than most other jobs.


Our friends over at Motoring Alliance have a great how-to article that will help you a lot.  Take a read over here. We also added a great photo of where & how to fill the transmission from the top.


Note: Sold as each, we recommend starting with 3 bottles; additional may be needed, as stated above.