MINI Cooper S Clutch Super Kit Gen 2

MINI Cooper S Clutch Super Kit Gen 2

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DT Clutch Kit G2
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MINI Cooper S Clutch Super Kit for R55, R56, and R57 vehicles.  Buy this complete kit and save money today!  This kit comes with everything you're going to need to replace a clutch in a Gen 2 MINI Cooper S.  The flywheel MUST be replaced every time you do a clutch.  This is a dual mass flywheel and cannot be machined.  Further, we have found that this part is often failing, which then causes the clutch to fail.  If you replace just the clutch, you're going to be back in the shop soon to do the flywheel, as well as another clutch in a few hundred miles.  This flywheel is made by Sachs and is the same flywheel that MINI sells, just rebranded, and includes hardware.  This clutch kit is made by Valeo, and comes with a new clutch disk, pressure plate, and a throw out bearing, all in one. Valeo is an OEM maufacturer for many clutches and we have had very good life out of all their products.  We then include a MINI throwout bearing guide tube that MINI says must be replaced (and we agree!).  Finally, we include bolts to hold it all together.  This kit has everything you need for a basic clutch job, at a lower cost than buying the parts from the dealer. Don't forget to get some quality fluid!


  • Flywheel: 21-20-7-575-069
  • Flywheel to Crank Bolts: comes with above part
  • Clutch: 21-20-8-607-915
  • Pressure Plate: comes with above part
  • Throwout Bearing: comes with above part
  • Guide Tube: 23-11-7-545-085
  • Pressure plate to Flywheel Bolts: 21-20-7-585-679

Note: Will not fit a JCW car, the flywheel has a different part number.