MINI Cowl Panels

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51132751209, 51132751210
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MINI Cowl Panels! Set of replacement cowl apron panels for most of the Gen 2 MINIs. We offer both the left and right, separate or in a kit to make it easy to get your MINI looking better. Maybe you had a windshield replaced and they broke apart, or the battery door has broken off. The battery door issue is very common and they had updated this part to a new part number; so we can only hope they added more plastic to the hinge so that it won't break off! This is the panel only. You can reuse your hardware. You just need a 10mm socket to install the panels. If you need to install the left panel, you will also need a 13mm socket to remove the wiper arms.

MINI Wiper Apron Cover RH #51-13-2-751-210 (Has the Battery Door)

MINI Wiper Apron Cover LH #51-13-2-751-209 (The longer one)