MINI N12/16/18 Timing Chain Kit

MINI N12/16/18 Timing Chain Kit OEM

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N12/6/8DTK OEM
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While all of this is OEM we feel very confident in the aftermarket kit we sell at a much lower price!  Take a look. Side by side the kits look and feel the same and many times have the parts numbers removed to be sold as "aftermarket". 

MINI Timing Chain Kit for any Gen 2 MINI Cooper S with the N12, N16, or N18 motorsThis kit is for all models EXCEPT S models from 2007 to 2011 and JCW models from 2007 to 3/2013. 

If you start up your car in the morning and you hear a rattling at start up or when it's cold out, you are having a problem. Once it starts to rattle, it can jump teeth and cause the car to run poorly. It can even get so bad as to be off several teeth; it can even get to the point you can't drive it without any check engine lights. We have seen the tensioners come loose from the block, the tensioners fail, the chain stretch (badly), as well as the car skip teeth, causing the timing to be off!

This kit includes a OEM chain guides (3), a tensioner, chain, lower sprocket, & all the needed bolts. We also pair it with an aftermarket crank seal that is a very high quality, but at a lower cost. We have found if you overheat your engine, follow dealer recommended oil services, or run it without oil for too long, you can wear out or break the chain guides, as well as stretch the chain and/or cause the tensioner to fail. Chain stretch seams to be the most common due to heat and lack of lubrication. Once the chain has stretched, the tensioner cannot keep the correct tensioner on the chain; allowing extra wear on the tensioner, causing it to fail as well as the ability for the chain to skip teeth and affect performance, as well as in extreme cases, the engine will actually crash into itself.


This kit includes:


  • Timing Chain ~ 11-31-8-618-318
  • Guide Rail ~ 11-31-7-577-301
  • Chain Tensioner ~ 11-31-7-533-879
  • Chain Tensioner ~ 11-31-7-607-551
  • Gasket Ring ~ 11-31-7-631-972
  • Sprocket ~ 11-21-7-588-996
  • Torx bolt (x 2) ~ 11-36-7-536-087
  • Side Rail ~ 11-31-7-577-631
  • Hex Bolt (x 2) ~ 11-31-7-542-856
  • Bearing Bolt ~ 11-31-7-534-771
  • Gasket Ring ~ 11-31-7-550-461
  • Bearing Bolt (x 2) ~ 11-31-7-534-768
  • O-ring (x 2) ~ 11-31-7-534-770


As an added benefit, we are cryogenically treating all chains and tensioners as well as all the bolts and sprockets in all of our timing chain kits. The cryogenic “heat treating” process is where the material is cooled to approximately −185°C (−301°F) with the use of liquid nitrogen. This increases the amount of martensite in the steel's crystal structure, increasing its strength and hardness. This in turn will not allow the chain to stretch or the tensioner to fail as quickly, if ever. This keeps your motor in time better as well as run more quietly and last longer with the proper maintenance. Note: Customer must keep oil in the car!

Note: This does require special tools to keep the cams and engine in TDC. Recommended for expert mechanics. Watch the Video.