NM Eng. R56 Scoop Saver

NM Eng. R56 Scoop Saver

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A Warped hood scoop is one of the known Problems with the R56 Cooper S. This issue is caused by excessive heat exposure produced by the turbo.

NM Engineering's Scoop Saver reflects the radiant heat generated by the turbo resulting an impressive 30-40% reduction in temperature at the scoop. This unit sits right on top of the turbo covering the under bonnet sheet metal as well as plugging some hood reinforcement structure holes where heat can creep in and bake the bottom part of the scoop.

Made from fire-retardant composite material with aluminum sheet reflective coating and can withstand 1100 degrees of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1" of airspace) and up to 450 degrees of direct heat. A must for any Gen 2 Cooper S.

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