TurboSmart MINI Cooper S N14 Kompact Recirculation Valve

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TurboSmart MINI Cooper S N14 Kompact Recirculation Valve TS-0203-1252.

Turbosmart's Kompact VR10 recirculation valves offer MINI owners the benefits of an aftermarket recirculation valve with the ease of a direct OEM replacement, offering improved boost response, better valve performance and race-proven durability. These new valves fit all 2007-2010 Mini Cooper S & 2011-2012 JCW with the N14 engine (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59). The Kompact EVR06 is a high performance replacement for the Mini's standard plastic blow-off valve. The standard plastic bypass valves struggle to withstand increased boost pressures, and their plastic construction fatigues with the heat of the turbo and eventually crack. The Kompact's billet construction and precision-matched piston ensures excellent boost-holding ability, combined with fast response and unsurpassed durability.

Like all Turbosmart blow off valves, the new Kompact Shorties have been machined in-house, from solid billet aluminum. Keeping the process in-house, ensures only the best quality, and none of the cracking or leaking that plague the factory plastic valves. Like their predecessors, they’ve been engineered with a light-weight, brass/aluminum, two-piece piston. Carefully engineered springs make these the most responsive valves of their kind. Larger o-rings have been fitted in the base to aid ease of installation – another modification made after talking to our authorized dealers and installers. Small design means Shortie is easy to install. All billet construction, and well-designed internals mean it will hold as much boost as you want to throw at it, for as long as you need it to. The Plumb Back version is as quiet as a factory valve, or if you’re looking to make a little noise, the Dual Port version’s superior flow characteristics will safely provide that BOV sound you’re looking for. The new twin fixed ports flow more than ever before. You just can’t lose with Turbosmart’s Shortie.