OutMotoring MINI Cooper Grille Badge

OutMotoring MINI Cooper Grille Badge

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Make your MINI one of a kind! There are bazillions of magnetic backed custom grille badges that have flooded the market, creating an underground club of collectors. Some MINI owners have over 50 badges and rotate them depending on their mood. Of course, in order to flaunt your style, your club, your whatever badge, you will need somewhere to stick it to and this is the best solution on the market. The metal bracket mounts to your grille (and is easily removable if needed with no marks) and can be installed in just minutes. Durable black powder coated finish is ready to rock.


Consider putting your extra badges on your refrigerator ready for your MINI on a moment's notice.

Note: Fits all MINI! But on the 07+ Cooper and Clubman (Cooper S does not require modification) hatchbacks the stock grille requires that two holes be drilled out to allow the 2 bolts to go through from the back. For some reason MINI decided to put a solid backing on the Cooper grille behind the chrome slats...silly.

Install Note:

On the Gen 1 MINI the grille does not need to be removed as the back is accessible once the hood is opened.

On the Gen 2 MINI's the 4 black plastic rivets on top come out in about 20 seconds each and the lower trim just pops off with a bit of straight out force. Then are a few giant "squeeze tabs" behind the trim. Once those are released, the whole grille comes off, which allows easy access to the back so the badge can be installed.