Shop Services

Here is just a small list of what we do at the shop! We are so much more than just a web site selling you parts. We install what we sell, we sell only what installs well, and can help you when you have questions. Service like that can't be matched by other shops. Give us a call to set up an appointment for any service or custom work you can dream up. 586.792.6464


  • Windshields: We demand the best glass on the market that has been proven to look good and not have any problems.  We also make sure that the installer knows all the ins and outs of the MINI to make sure they know how to take of the moldings so you do not get a car back with broken items.
  • Window Tint: You tell us how dark and we can have it installed when you're in for other services. The tint is cut to be an exact fit no matter what year or body style you have.
  • Brakes: All kinds of brake work, from stock replacement to the biggest brakes to stop you in the shortest distance.
  • Suspension: From lowering sport springs to coil-overs, sway control, camber adjustment, shocks, and corner balancing.
  • Alignments: Want custom settings or just back to stock for correct tire wear?  We can give you an alignment to fix any problem your MINI might be having.  You would be surprised how often you may need an alignment.  Every 6 months to every year is what we recommend. Definitely every time you change tires, this way you make sure to get the most life out of your tires.  Every time you hit a big pothole, the ones you think you left your wheel in when you hit, the alignment changes a bit.We can also do custom race alignments.
  • Paint work: Need some custom paintwork?  Need the bonnet repainted?  Want to install an Aero Kit?  Maybe you want to totally change the color of your car?  How about something basic like touch-up paint?  We do it all.
  • Insurance work: Lets say you have a small fender bender; maybe you rolled your car.  We work with your insurance company to fix your car properly. We also have no problem adding a few special parts in place of the part you have.  We can help make your repairs the most that they can be.
  • Wheels and Tires: We have several wheel companies that we can buy from so there is bound to be a wheel that fits your budget or your design eye.  Need some tires for your new wheels or the wheels you have?  We can put you into a set of tires for a fair price that fits your needs, runflats or traditional depending on your needs.  We also do all types of winter tire packages.  We are a Tire Rack Dealer!
  • Performance: Power is what most people want.  From simple intakes, to pulleys and exhausts, to headwork and other major upgrades, we do it all.  Cooper or Cooper S. Talk to us about the best plan for your car.
  • Drivetrain: From Clutches, to fluid swaps, to LSD installs, we can do it all.
  • Safety: So you race your car and need the best stuff?  Roll cages, fire systems, race batteries, seat belts, auto cross or track items. We can help.
  • Everyday stuff:  We have a long list of items to make your car better from day to day. Things like cell phone holders or blue tooth integration, or I-Pod hooks ups and auxiliary ports. Ask us what you would like to have the car do, and we can help.
  • Paintless dent repairs: Did the guy at the mall leave a big ding?  We can have it popped out with out any damage to the paint at a very low cost.
  • Maintenance: Any type of service work. Need an oil change?  How about a brake bleed?  Carbon Blasting?  Maybe you just need a new air filter.  We can help.
  • ECU: Air bag Light?  ABS Light?  Need a custom tune?  Give us a call and we can help.
  • Coding: Need your new battery coded to your car? Maybe you want to turn off the DRL's, how about turning off the bulb check? We have an Auto Logic Dealer Tech Tool to do any DME/ECU or keep any Module up date that you may need. BCM Coding, DME Coding, You name it we can do most of it and for half the price of the dealer ship!
  • Detail services: Engine bay clean ups, interior clean ups, even a simple wash and wax. Even rub outs and scratch repair.
  • Graphics: Stripes for the sides, bonnets, boots, or roof/sunroof graphics. Any color or logo!
  • Used Parts: Need to sell or find a used part? We can help! Anything from spark plug wires to sunroofs. Let us know what you need and we'll be happy to help! We will also have a whole used section in the shop. 
  • Consignment Parts: Drop off some parts you want to sell! IE: wheels and tires, all cleaned up and ready to sell/install.  You get them out of your hair, into the buyers eyes, we get a small cut and you get the rest (check or shop credit)!  What a deal!
  • Interiors: Want custom painted trim pieces? How about interior glow lighting? Not your thing? How about new seats or a conversion to an anthracite headliner setup. Let us know, we can make it happen!
  • Car Storage: You don't drive your car in the winter, but you would rather have your winter car in the garage so you do not have to wipe the snow off? We offer car storage, short term or long term. We have several packages that can suit your needs. The building is heated and secure (alarm system). No need to worry about your baby. She will be charged up and ready to drive the day you need her (or him).
  • Purses/Wallets: Just the item every lady needs to match her car! Or for the guys a wallet in several stylish colors or prints. We have a large selection and it is always changing, or we can custom order a bag for your needs.