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Note: This is only available as an in shop service.

Detroit Tuned Mustang Dynamometer Services! We have a MD-AWD-500-SE dyno now in house at DT. We now offer all types of services to help achieve your goals of drivability or HP. We can do front or rear wheel drive, as well as all wheel drive!  We offer wide band O2 AFR reading in single or dual, as well as a wide range of test and even quarter mile times! This service will be open to all makes and models for cars and trucks, and actual tuning services for cars other than MINI Coopers will be determined on a case by case bases currently till we have more staff (which we are working hard on). We welcome customers with other vehicles than MINI's to find there own solutions and have other tuners come in, live or remotely, to help them achieve their goals. Priced per the hour, with other varying price schedule based on option. Call to discuss options that are best for you.

Some of the Tuning options we have/sell are: HP Tuner, SCT Flash, Cobb, AEM Stand Alone, SCS Delta Stand Alone, Revolution MINI Works, Bytetronik, Bully Dog, HyperTech, Diablo. Powerbank, as well as others.

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Dyno Info: 

MD-AWD-500 Series
Max Horsepower: 3,000 hp peak measurement capacity AWD mode
Max Absorption:

900-hp peak absorption (SE model)

1,800-hp peak absorption (DE model)

Loading Device: Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (model MDK-250)

Torque Measurement Device: 

Strain Gauge Type Dynamic Load Cell. Provides closed loop control signal for dynamic vehicle loading.

2,152 lbs. (AWD MODE)

1,190 lbs. (2WD MODE)

Max Speed:

190 mph (2WD Mode)

175 mph (AWD Mode)


Precision machined and dynamically balanced, knurled rolls

Belted for bi-directional capability

12.625” diameter balanced rolls

31” face length

18” inner track width

98” outer track width

88-128” standard wheelbase

Transmission: Heavy-duty, industrial-fiber belt drive with mechanical disconnect
Roll Decelerator: Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes. Eddy Current PAU used to decelerate rollers.
Axle Weight: 6,000 lbs. maximum 1 axle