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Carbon Blasting Service

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Carbon Blast
1.00 LBS

Note: This is only available as an in shop service. This service price is good for most direct injection euro cars. MINI, BMW, VW, etc.


The problem with most of the generation 2 cars is carbon build on the intake valves. The car that tends to need it the most is the 2007-2010 MINI Cooper S N14 engine, but is not limited to only this application. What happens is; over time a small amount of oil moves through the intake system which is taken in thru the PCV system for the positive crank case vacuum. The intake system is plastic so oil will not stick to it. The first hot metal that the oil hits is the intake valves. The oil wants to stick to the intake valves as it burns onto it. Over time it keeps building up, and can be completely clogged in as early as 30,000 miles! What happens is a loss of power, but it's so slow over a period of time that you never notice, what you will notice is that car will not start. Normally because of a temperature change, the carbon holds the valve open at start-up and it will not close, causing the cylinder to not make compression, which will cause the car to not start. Keep cranking it and you will even flood the car!


The only way to fix this problem is to Sea Foam the car about every 5K miles to keep up on the build up. Most people are going along with what the dealer tells them; “to change the oil every 15K and no other maintenance is needed”, so that used car that you just bought is clogged and needs cleaning. Even on the “low miles” cars.


Obviously we recommend this service to any car that is not starting, but we could also do this on any car that has 30K and has had basic to no maintenance and perform a blast to restore power and MPG.


Note: We recommend a set of new intake gaskets at the same time on top of this service. We can also carbon blast BMW's, VW's, and any other car that is direct injection.