MINI Vanos Solenoid Valve

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MINI Vanos Solenoid Valve. This is a new OEM MINI part that will fix your SES light that is coming up for a Vanos Solenoid (some of the common codes are but not limited to: P0013, P2088, P2089, P2091). This part will fit all Generation 2 MINI Cooper or Cooper S cars with N12, N14, N16, and N18 motors, and comes with everything needed to complete the job (just clear all the codes when done before startup). Some cars will come with an intake and exhaust Vanos Solenoids (the same part for both) and they only need to be replaced based on the engine codes you are getting. You may not have to replace both at the same time. Note that the N12, N16, & N18 have 2 and the N14 only has 1 on the intake side. We, from time to time, have fixed the problem by running Sea Foam thru the motor to free up a sticking valve, but it doesn't always work. This is why we at Detroit Tuned say it's important to do a 5,000 mile oil service.

Note: Since this is such a high failure part we will give you a 5% discount when you order 2! Enjoy!