MINI Cooper Oil Control Solenoid Kit

MINI Cooper Oil Control Solenoid Kit

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Oil Control Solenoid Kit
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MINI Cooper Oil Control Solenoid Kit. Fits all Gen 2 MINI's 2011-2016 with the N16, or N18 engines. Fits both Cooper and Cooper S.  This fixes the issue of oil wicking up the harness and dumping oil into they ECU and burning it out. Yeah we know it sounds like a joke, but if you see oil leaking around they back of the engine pull they plugs on your ECU and check it out. But for sure get it fixed as soon as possible. Does not fit the 2007-2010 N12 or N14 Engines, MINI or MINI Cooper S.  YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO INSTALL THIS KIT. The Instructions below is all we have. This kit is everything, if you need just the wires to repair an oil leak condition, see this kit.

Kit includes:

  • MINI Solenoid Fix Shrink Tube (Req 2) #61-13-1-379-833
  • MINI Solenoid FIX Cable Connector (Req 2) #61-13-8-353-747
  • MINI Solenoid Repair Harness For N16 TSB SIM11 01 12  #12-51-8-626-763
  • MINI Solenoid Wire Repair Kit for N16/N18 to Solenoid Valve #11-41-8-609-973
  • MINI Cooper Oil Control Solenoid: 11-41-7-647-238


Oil Control Harness