MINI Wire Harneess Pig Tails

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DT Harness 999/199
1.00 LBS
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Mini Cooper Light Plug Pig Tail. Here is everything you need to repair the wire harness for most of the small light fixtures on the MINI (as well as others). What happens is you end up breaking a light for whatever reason, water then gets inside that light and blows the bulb. Since the bulb no loner works, it cannot get hot to evaporate any moisture inside the housing and it collects inside and starts to corrode the terminals inside the bulb socket and plug. When you buy a new light, it comes with everything needed, like a bulb and socket. But sometimes you still need a new wire harness because the water keeps corroding its way up or one of the pins of the plug are stuck inside. Here is the new factory part to seal it all back up and make things work correctly. We highly recommend soldering the new harness in place and using shrink wrap to seal it. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which side. There is just a power and a ground.


Kit Includes:

  • (1) MINI Universal Socket Housing #61-13-2-359-999
  • (2) MINI Bushing Contact  61-13-0-005-199
  • Assembled as shown