AIRTEC Top Mount Intercooler

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The AIRTEC intercooler is bolt on HP by lowering the charge air temperatures. A remapped car has increased power by ECU changes that raise boost pressure and other parameters. This increase in boost pressure raise intake temps and power loss soon follows. By fitting a bigger intercooler, you lower these intake temps, in turn increasing hp and making your engine safer.


  • Comes in Satin Black
  • No drilling required
  • Huge Air deflector fin ‘forces air into front section of intercooler
  • Full Alloy Air ram scoop
  • CNC connecting flanges
  • First off the shelf intercooler to have a 60mm core
  • Cast alloy smooth flow end tanks, no surge issues with this design.
  • Fits all Supercharged powered Mini Cooper S's, R52/R53

Airtec Test results – Tim’s 233.3 bhp (Airtec cooled) Tuned Mini R53 @ Amd rolling road 10th May 2013 – Note, Results below were with bonnet closed on every run.

Standard Intercooler – Peak power 204.9 bhp & 161.1 Ib/ft

  • Run 1 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 150 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 123 degree
  • Run 2 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 152 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 130 degree
  • Run 3 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 155 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 135 degree
  • Conclusion – the standard intercooler on a tuned Mini just doesn’t work, most owners know this, here’s the proof for other owners that didn’t know.

Competitors Intercooler 50mm core (Note, this version didn’t have Air diverter scoop) – Peak power 216.0 bhp & 171.4 Ib/ft

  • Run 1 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 124 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 66 degree
  • Run 2 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 131 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 67 degree
  • Run 3 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 140 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 89 degree
  • Conclusion – This intercooler worked much better than standard, but we feel the 50mm tube and fin core still couldn’t handle highly tuned Mini’s intake temps.

Airtec Intercooler 60mm core – Peak power 233.3.0 bhp & 190.5 Ib/ft

  • Run 1 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 130 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 44 degree
  • Run 2 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 137 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 47 degree
  • Run 3 -Temperature Into intercooler from charger 149 degree & Out of Intercooler into engine 49 degree
  • Conclusion – The Airtec 60mm bar and plate core works really well and keeps temps below 50 degrees

Note: We stock a few at at time and reorder when needed. So this product could be out of stock and have a week or two lead time.

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    Airtec is the way!

    Posted by Zack Sarver on 18th Sep 2021

    After testing and more testing the Airtec intercooler is a perfect addition to a reduced pulley. I ran intake temps between stock, grs, and Airtec IC's. The Airtec performed the best with proper fitting and hood adjustment between all. I wish I had access to the pro-alloy but it's nearly impossible to find in the US. Stock IC with a DDMWORKS diverter had a low of 115°f and a high of 145°. The grs had the same low but the high was 132°f. The Airtec gave me a low of 89° and a high of 118°. Now all of these were tested same day within 4hrs at 92° outside temp, and humidity of 30% in Georgia. I took the same route with rolling straights and a "normal" amount of traffic (~20 cars per red light) I did not experience heat soaking with the Airtec but my ignition did retard when sitting in traffic by ~5° with all 3 tested. However the other 2 started to retard by ~10° with the grs, and ~17° with stock IC's after pushing 80+ for minutes on end ( this was in my personal mexico for legal reasons). Detroit tuned really takes care of their customers! They sent all kinds of goodies and were very kind when I called them about availability! I recommend calling about the Airtec since they only order a few at a time from the UK. My testing is only as scientific as I can make it but I tried to get the key points for a street car. Since the r53 is a supercharged car; heatsoak, and ignition retardation both matter the most when used as a street car. A track weapon would do better with a water/air intercooler. I hope this helps move others away from the eBay units as the diverter on this IC makes more of a difference to performance with respect to the increased (and similar) size.