Aisin Automatic Transmission Fluid

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This Aisin Automatic Transmission Fluid AFT-0T4 is just what you need to do a flush on your Gen 1 or 2 Cooper S, Automatic Transmission. This is the correct spec fluid for your MINI. It's actually the same fluid that's in the MINI bottle, just with a different label!  And because it doesn't say MINI, we can sell it for a lower price! And we all like a price savings. Normally, the transmission hold 6 qts. (dry), but when you're doing a flush, you can only get about 2 ½ -3 qts. in due to the fluid in the torque converter. To do a more complete flush, you need to drive the car for a "day," and do it again. You may even want to do it a third time depending on how the fluid is looking. Each time you drain it, you will see the color of the fluid go from a really dark red/brown to a brighter red color. You can now be the judge. A Bentley manual is helpful anytime you're working on your MINI, but is lacking some information on this particular transmission flush. See the below how-to for better details. This is not a difficult job; but it comes in a harder skill level than most other jobs.


Original equipment Aisin transmission fluid. Use ATF-0T4 where JWS3309 fluids are recommended. ATF-0T4 is an OEM level fluid that is engineered to perform with its fluid friction coefficient to reduce drive train power loss. Check capacities prior to ordering to be sure you have enough to do your transmission service.


Located in Japan and established in 1965, Aisin is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to BMW, Diamler AG, Volvo, and many more, manufacturing a wide mix of auto parts including water pumps, fan clutches, fan clutch blades, master cylinders, control valves, oil pumps, pulley brackets, electric fuel pumps, friction disks, clutch pressure plates, timing belt kits and timing belt tensioners. Trust Aisin with reliable parts that fit the first time. “Quality First” is Aisin’s philosophy.


Our friends over at Motoring Alliance have a great how-to article that will help you a lot. Take a read over here. We also added a great photo of where & how to fill the transmission from the top.


Note: Sold as each, we recommend starting with 3-4 bottles, additional may be needed, as stated above.