ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid

ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid

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ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid
4006633420747, 1006633108256
3.50 LBS
$12.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

ATE TYP 200 brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 536F and a wet boiling point of 396F. This fluid will give you an overall better pedal feel and less fade when under hard braking due to the higher boiling point. ATE brake fluid is 100% compatible with the fluid in your MINI from the factory, as well as any other fluid on the market.. The amber tint of the TYP 200 fluid helps makes bleeding brakes easier. You can easily tell when you have flushed out the older dark fluid. A great fluid for they weekend track rat on a budget!