Beru Iridium Spark Plugs G3

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Beru Iridium Spark Plugs for Gen 3 MINI Cooper & S will give you the most out of your car's engine! This is the factory OEM plug that comes in all F car Models, Cooper, Cooper S, JCW, and ALL4 models )it fits it all)!

Sold in sets of 3 and 4 depending on what engine you have!

Note: All plugs come pre-gapped to .031 in (.8mm) with a protective sleeve.

Install Tip: Torque new plugs with a torque wrench to min 17.4 ft lbs. DT Tip: Give it a bit more, but not more than 22 ft lbs. You MUST have a deep well 14mm 12 point socket (or Spark Plug socket for that plug style), a 3/8 10 inch extension, and 3/8 inch lbs. torque wrench.

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