Braille 17 lb. Light Weight Street Battery

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Need a new battery? Here is a great new battery that will also give you horsepower! Horsepower you say? How so? Well, okay it doesn't truly give you horsepower, but it is going to save you weight. Your car now has less weight to move with the horsepower it has, so you get to where you are going faster. Not to mention, carrying less weight can also help your fuel economy! It's a win win situation.This 17lb. street battery is the perfect weight as well as have enough power to start every time on the street. This unit also comes as right hand post to be able to turn it around for easy mounting in the MINI an have the terminals be on the correct side.

We are running this battery in our own car and can help you with mounting solutions, chargers, and anything else you might need with this battery!


  • Full Charge Voltage: 13.8 voltsPulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 10 sec @ 80F: 1041
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 20 sec @ 80F: 920
  • Cranking Amps 30 sec @ 80F: 770
  • Cranking Amps 30 sec @ 32F: 641
  • Cold Cranking Amps 30 sec @ 0F: 475
  • Reserve Capacity: 45 minutes
  • Capacity (C/20 rate): 23 amp hr
  • Internal Resistance (ohms): 4.25 milliohms
  • Life Cycle @ 10% DOD: 3100 cycles


  • Weight: 17 lbs. [stock battery weight - 35 lbs.]
  • Length: 6.88±
  • Width: 4.0±
  • Height (no posts): 6.12±
  • Polarity: Right Side Positive
  • Minimum Weight (lbs): 16.6 lbs
  • Post Type: SAE Automotive Posts included & 6 x 1.0mm racing bolts included.
  • Stainless Stud: Both Automotive SAE Posts and Race Style Bolts are Stainless with a 6 x 1.0mm bolt pitch


  • 2 year prorated, 1yr free replacement for street and competition purposes.


Note: All Braille batteries are special order. Due to a batteries life, we want to insure that the freshness of the battery is top quality, giving you trouble free operation! We can also get the Carbon Fiber version or any other battery Braille makes.

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    Braille 17lbs Battery

    Posted by Jarred on 25th Jul 2023

    Much lighter than OEM battery and about the same price as normal replacement batteries as they have gone up in price. Car starts with no problems.