Bytetronik FA53 MINI Cooper S Tuning Kit

Bytetronik FA53 MINI Cooper S Tuning Kit

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The Bytetronik FA53 Kit is a comprehensive tool for the MINI Cooper S R53/R52 owners, providing them the capabilities to adjust the mappings inside their stock ECUs. The kit contains both hardware and software components with the following features and capabilities. This kit is also way more than most owners need and requires a lot of extra time and labor to get tuned. Due to this, we recommend you go direct thru Bytetroniks to use their custom remote tuning services to get the best result.

Hardware: The hardware is the MINIport OBD-II device. The MINIport also doubles as a data-logger device and can also log AFR serially (provided you have the recommended Innovate MTX-L Plus wideband).  It does not work with AEM, PLX Devices, or any other wideband serial communication. It only works with Innovate products at this time.

Software: The FullAccess (FA53) software is a Bytetronik proprietary software designed specifically for the MINI R53 platform. It's about 10MB in size and can easily be installed on any Windows Platform (Windows 2000 or newer with a minimum of 512MB of RAM). The FA53 has an easy to use GUI for user to easily navigate through the various levels of tasks and commands. When connected to the MINIport, it allows users to flash and configure their ECUs.


  • ECU Adjustments: This allows the user to adjust the mappings inside the ECU and tune the engine to maximize the fuel that's being used. Once you are satisfied with the tune, you can save the map and reload it back into the ECU at any given time.
  • Map Switching: Once the maps are made (typically for 91 Octane, 93 Octane, 100 Octane, Methanol, or E85 fuel), then you can simply switch it back by loading the particular map that best suits the situation. For instance, if you are currently running E85 but there are no E85 stations nearby, you could get your laptop out and load the "pump gas" map once you fill it up at the next gas station.
  • Data Logging: If you want to see how the car is running while you're driving, simply disconnect the USB cable from the MINIport device (while leaving it connected to the OBD-II port), and the data-logging feature is now active. Blinking red/green/blue lights indicate that the MINIport is actively logging 30+ parameters at 8 samples-per-second, and all this information is stored on the onboard micro-SD card. To view the logs, simply connect the USB cable to the MINIport device and you will see the data on your laptop.
  • Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): Is you MINI throwing a Check-Engine light? Well, instead of reaching for the OBD Scanner, why not just turn on your laptop and see what's causing the code? Once the code is read, you can always clear it through the FA53 software.
  • Clearing Adaptations: Is your car running sluggish lately? Well, check out the data-log and see if there's anything that looks unusual. What about the "long Term Fuel Trims?" Is the ECU learning some of your bad habits and over-compensating? If so, simply go to the FA53 and clear the adaptation values. With the FA53 software, you don't need a BMW Factory tool to perform this task... simply select a command in FA53, turn off the ignition for 5 minutes, then you're good to go!

This kit comes with:

  • FA Software
  • MINIport OBD-II device
  • USB Cable
  • 550 Injecrtors
  • Base 550 map

Recommend Extra's:

  • OBD-II Extension cable ~$16
  • Innovate MTX-L Plus Wideband O2 Gauge ~ $219
  • Innovate MTX-L device cable for MINIport OBD-II device ~ $16
  • Custom Remote Mapping Service ~ $300

Note: For 07-08 cabrio,  "special services are required" call for details.

Note: Keep in mind that tuning a car is a lot of work, time and effort. The car needs to be mechanically ready, and tuning the car on the street remotely or on a dyno takes time. A very high level of understanding of what is needed when tuning the car is critical for the safety of the vehicle and the driver. Even 6 or 8 months down the road it may require a touch up due to changes in weather and temperatures. Know what you're doing, take your time, and understand things fully. Detroit Tuned is not responsible for any damages caused by a user.

Note: Special Order Item. NO RETURNS.