DDMWorks MINI Cooper S Intake Gen 1

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DDMWorks Mini Cooper S Cold Air Intake for all Gen 1 R52 and R53's!

Power and efficiency are achieved by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This is true for any system, and your S is no different. Their design strives to provide the most power with the highest efficiency of any intake on the market. The UNI dual stage filter provides more air flow with superior filtering over paper or cloth filters, and can be cleaned and re-oiled for a lifetime of service. Completely sealed from the engine bay and open to the pressurized region at the cowl, the DDMWorks Cooper S intake force feeds your supercharger with more fresh, cool air than other intakes on the market. This also makes it the ideal intake for cars with a supercharger reduction pulley. Installation is quick and easy with simple hand tools, and since no parts need to be cut or destroyed, going back to stock is no problem. Available in stainless steel or black powder coat finish, the DDMWorks Cooper S Intake will impress you with both looks and performance!

We now offer their intake tube as well for a complete look!

6 Reviews

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    DDMWorks Intake

    Posted by Joshua Owen on 23rd Feb 2022

    I purchased this intake last summer, I love it, helps with hearing my supercharger better, the airbox works perfectly draws in the air from the same spots as the factory locations and easily fits stock parts including the intake tube and weather stripping.

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    Best intake on the market

    Posted by Peter on 1st Sep 2021

    First and foremost. This thing makes the supercharger LOUD. It had me giggling on the first few pulls. Construction is all high quality and solid. Install was easy, instructions were very clear with pretty pictures. This is the only take I'd consider putting in any R53. Period.

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    %100 worth the price

    Posted by Elliott Bell on 19th Aug 2021

    I ordered this intake because it seemed to be the most “cold air” intake on the market for the price, and it really is the quality is great and does not suffer at all from heat soak. You can go on YouTube and watch all the videos you can find but none of them fully capture the sounds this thing makes and I was not disappointed!

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    Posted by Nathan Moncada on 23rd Apr 2021

    Now, of you're buying this for some hp gains, I don't know the answer. I haven't dyno tested it so I don't know how muvh hp it adds. HOWEVER, the mere enhanced sound of the supercharger whine, even with the stock pulley, should be more than enough reason to get this. Ease of installation is fairly easy, just a bit of moving things out of the way. Considering the size of the car, that's to be expected of any part in it. Basically, it's money well spent.

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    Well built, easy install, increase fun supercharger noise!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2016

    DDM makes a darn good intake for the R53 with this item. You can tell when looking at it that the quality and design is well thought out. This shows when installing as no modification needed. Opening up the intake also helps increase the whine of the supercharger which ups the fun factor. Haven't dyno'd the car so not sure if added power but cars feels 'peppier' but could just be me. I did it for the sound!

    Lastly, after having this for a few years I can say that the filter is easy to get to and clean if needed. Highly recommended.

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    Nice noise1

    Posted by Paul on 9th Dec 2013

    Kit took about an hour to install, with excellent instructions.
    Fairly well made, with a few small dimensional issues, remedied with some brute force and ignorance.
    Sounds awesome - can really hear that supercharger spin up - which means my fuel economy as gone to hell (as the fast pedal is full-on where possible)
    Performance improvements may be slight but that may be more in my head.
    Overall I would recommend it, if you are going for ease of installation and a great sound at a reasonable price.