DeatschWerks 65v Fuel Pump

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DeatschWerks in-tank fuel pumps are manufactured with a quiet and reliable turbine impeller which is compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers. These pumps are also built with carbon commutators and fully encapsulated armatures for ethanol compatibility. DW’s high-torque motors maintain flow at higher pressure better than competitors’ pumps. Low amperage draw minimizes pump temperatures, maximizes pump life and reduces stress on OE wiring. Vehicle-specific pumps include a fitment kit assembled with everything you need for your application.

Like the rest of DeatschWerks’ DW65 pump series, this “v” version flows 265 Liters Per Hour (70 Gallons Per Hour) and can support up to 500hp. The DW65 series of pumps are characterized by their specialty fitment, allowing 100% drop-in fitment for applications that don’t take a standard-size fuel pump. The DW65v has the same pick up points as the factory pump and utilizes a system identical to stock to maintain the bucket’s fuel level, avoiding fuel starvation at low fuel levels or in high cornering. All DeatschWerks fuel pumps come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

For the MINI Owner that is in need of more fuel. This pump goes inside the original fuel pump assembly replacing the pump part only. This is for custom setups, not just a normal replacement.


  • Flow Rate: 265 Liters Per Hour (70 Gallons Per Hour)
  • Comes w/ 9-1025 Install Kit
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impel
  • 3-year no fault warranty

Install Instructions

Tech Sheet

Note: You will need to take the fuel pump apart to install this product. You will have to deal with fuel and items that are plastic that could break. Make sure you're comfortable with the install before you purchase.

No returns on this part for any reason (unless warranty) per manufacture.

Note: Some popular applications for the FWD DW65v are the 1.8t VW Jetta, Beetle, Passat, and Golf. This also extends to the 1.8t Audi FWD models like the A4, A6, and TT. The AWD DW65v fits the MK4 and MK5 R32 Golf. As well as the Audi MK1 S3, MK2 S3, Mk1 and MK2 TT.                                                                                                                                       

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    This Pump has Serious Flow

    Posted by Eric Tachell on 4th Jan 2020

    My R53 has the stage 5 Dinan system installed and with that, a higher flow fuel pump that factory spec. After confirming with Dinan that the DeatchWerks pump would be a suitable replacement, I ordered this bad boy up.

    As an FYI this is a universal kit and requires a bit more work to install than a factory pump assembly. The 65V pump fits in the reservoir assembly exactly like the factory unit with the outlet port and electrical connections orientated in the proper directions.

    One thing to note is the factory outlet tube has a specific fitting that needs to be retained for proper connection to the fuel line in the tank. The new outlet tube supplied with the kit does not have this fitting so you have a couple options. Cut the clamp off the factory pump and reuse the factory tube or remove the fitting from the factory tube and install it on the supplied tube. The fitting is a very tight fit and looked difficult to remove without hurting the fitting. Based on the tight fit you'd have to heat up the new tube pretty good to get it to push over the fitting. I feared doing this would expand the tube end too much and split down the road so I chose to reuse the whole factory tube and re-clamp it the the new pump. The clamps supplied in the kit I received weren't ideal for this so I picked up a proper sized 360 degree pinch clamp. Worm gear clamps are supplied but I feel are too big for the application.

    Another thing is that the pump does not come with a new housing to tank gasket. The trick to this is that most fuel filters are supplied with two gaskets. I changed my fuel filter at the same time used the second gasket to seal up the pump housing. I was amazed at how dirty and packed up the fuel filter was. It was a an extremely fine black substance that stained my hands.

    I've got a couple hundred miles on the car now and this pump is the business! What made me notice that my old pump was failing was that it would no longer hold pressure with the key off, but what I didn't realize is how power was reduced from lack of proper fuel pressure. The car still ran fine and had plenty of fuel pressure, but seemed to fall off on the top end. I attributed this to other issues and searched for the problem for quite a while. It still ran good and got the expected fuel mileage, but the problem came on so gradually that I didn't notice at first. With this new pump installed I am back to 100% and the engine pulls like a champ clear to 7200 RPM!!!