Detroit Tuned Stage 3 Brake Kit

Detroit Tuned Stage 3 Brake Kit

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DT Stage 3 Brake Kit
75.00 LBS
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If you need to do a full brake job and want to go big brake kit, then this kit is for you! It matches the Detroit Tuned Front Big Brake Kit up with all the needed parts for the rear to make a nice track ready setup. This will not only look great behind your custom wheels, but it will stop you in a much shorter distance!


The Detroit Tuned Stage 3 Brake Kit includes the following:

Finish off the kit with a box of G2 caliper paint to paint the rear calipers!

Note: Photo above is the same kit, but some parts have been updated. Rear rotors now have black hat to match better, and the caliper bushings have caps now. Brake fluid will also be different based on option picked.


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