MINI Cooper Big Brake kit

Detroit Tuned Big Brake Kit

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Detroit Tuned has engineered and fully track-tested this brake kit to bring world-class braking performance to you. We use lightweight Outlaw 4-piston billet aluminum race calipers (3.5 lbs each!) made to Detroit Tuned's specs. You can pick the bright gloss red or stealth gloss black calipers at no extra charge! Both calipers come in a high gloss powdercoat finish that lasts a very long time and looks even better.

We have two kits to fit your wheel choices. The 16" kit will fit behind most 16" wheels, and it uses a two piece 11.6"x1.2" rotor that weighs in at 13 lbs each. The 17" kit uses a two piece 12.8"x1.2" rotor and will fit behind most 17" wheels and weighs in at a very light 14.5 lbs each.

Each kit comes with:

  • Two Willwood Calipers
  • Two lightweight two piece rotors
  • Stainless Front Brake Lines w/OEM bushings for a perfect fit
  • Laser cut brackets and heavy-duty hardware
  • All parts plated for longevity and great looks
  • Your choice of several brands and compounds of brake pads will allow absolutely fade-free performance from the street to 24-hour endurance applications!
  • Optional cryogenically treated rotors for an extra $55.00 (recommended for heavily tracked cars!)

Full how-to instructions with great photos (print it below) makes this an easy kit to install in about 2-3 hours for the do-it yourself person. This kit is always in stock, ready to ship!

Note: This kit will not fit most stock wheels without spacers. IE: They will not fit S-Lights without 12 mm spacers and lug bolts or studs. The 17" kit will fit the 17" R90 and R99 wheels without any spacers. The 17" kit will also work with the 18" GP wheels with a 5mm spacer. It will, however, fit most aftermarket wheels without spacers or any needed  hardware.

Note: When installing a BBK, please don't think you can install it on Friday and race on Saturday. ALL Brakes must have a break-in period. You need to bed the pads in and put minimum 500 miles of stop-and-go traffic on the kit before racing it. It has to go thru heat cycles to be ready for the extreme abuse that comes from the track. Plan ahead and your kit will last you a long time as well as hold up under track days.


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