G2 Caliper Paint

G2 Caliper Paint

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G2 Caliper Paint
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Give your MINIs stock brake calipers some color with the G2 Caliper Paint System. Easily applied as a brush-on application, the G2 paint will look great for years and protect your calipers from the abusive automotive environment.

The kit comes with easy to follow directions and everything needed, and here are a few pointers: You will need 4 jack stands, a jack, and the paint will need to dry 24 hours before you drive it. Follow the simple steps and you will have a coating that will last for years.

  • Available in eleven high-gloss colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, Gold, Black, Purple, Green, White, Orange, and Pink.
  • Two-part paint system does not require caliper removal; but for the best look and longest life, taking a few things apart will be helpful.
  • Custom color are available and are special order (est. $100) ~ no returns.
  • Long lasting fade resistant color withstands brake temps up to 950F!
  • Brake dust will now clean off with just a hose!

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for shipping. Longer for custom colors.