LSD Bearing G1/G2

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2.00 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

When installing an LSD, it's much easier to replace the carrier bearings than try to get the old ones off. This is the best bearing you can buy for this application! Fits all Gen 1 and Gen 2 cars. R52, R52, R56, R55, R57 R58, R59.

Sold as a pair as shown.

Install Note: When installing, put the LSD in the freezer for a few hours and warm the bearing a bit (heat vent, or hands, no open flame). Do not get it too hot to touch. Then tap it on with a hammer making sure to hit the inner race. Make sure it's seated in place, then do the other side. Once both sides are on, allow the LSD to come to room temperature, then install. You now can spin both wheels! Best quality made in the USA bearing that you can buy!