Detroit Tuned BBK replacement Rotors

Detroit Tuned BBK replacement Rotors

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Detroit Tuned Big Brake Kit replacement rotors! If you're running a DT BBK, at some point you will need a new set of rotors. Here is your only option. These are the same rotors that came with the kit, but it's just the rotor to be used with the current alum hat and hardware you already have. We coat the rotor in a silver zinc to keep them from rusting. If you track your car or drive it really hard we highly recommend adding the cryo option to your rotors as it will extend the life of rotors (sometimes doubles the life!). It will keep them from cracking under the heat of running them hard on the track.

We offer both the 16” kit rotor and the 17” kit rotor and they are sold in pairs. The 16" kit rotor is 11 5/8" DIA and the 17" kit rotor is a 12 3/4" DIA. If you decide to switch sizes from the kit you already have, all you need is a new bracket that mounts the caliper which we can get you ($15-$20 each). Just give us a call! These rotors should also fit the TSW BBK.