MINI Cooper S Turbo Oil Line

Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line

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Have a leaky turbo? Then the Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Kit is in stock ready to ship! This kit fixes the current stock oil line leak that happens when the line gets too hot, too many times. The stock line has an o-ring seal that allows adjustment in both directions, but the problem is the o-ring.  After hundreds of heat cycles, the o-ring cooks itself and starts to leak oil onto the turbo. The longer you let it go, the worse it gets. We already know the turbo motors like to use a bit of oil; now if yours has a leak, you're really going through the oil! This kit fixes all of that, so you will never have to worry about it again. Since this is just the line, you might want to buy a Turbo Oil Line Kit, or an Exhaust Clamp, or an Exhaust Gasket. To make this job fail proof, we highly recommend our Super Kit as it comes with everything you could need.

Trust in this high quality kit that is Made in the USA, and is the only kit that has angled fittings to give the most clearance to engine part to reduce heat and wear.

This kit comes with:

  • 1 Custom made turbo feed oil line
  • 2 Banjo fittings
  • 4 Crush washer

Instructions Download

Note: Fits all MINI Cooper S cars that currently come with a  turbo in the "R" car line, with the N14 or N18 motors, "JCW" or "S." This will also fit the Euro Peugeot 2007+ 207 GTI (thp175) & Peugeot 2008+ 308 Turbo "EP6DT."

22 Reviews

  • 5
    R56 upgrade

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Feb 2016

    One of the best upgrades you can do on your R56!

  • 5
    The best you can buy

    Posted by Jonathan Hatch on 12th Feb 2016

    Very happy with the quality, price, shipping, and the online instructions providing torque specs and general information for the swap. It's perfectly designed for the engine and completely fixes the leaky factory line. From the looks of it I'll never have to worry about a smoking hood again!

  • 5
    Far better than stock line.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2016

    Stock oil line is designed to fail; detroit tuned aftermarket oil line is far better and not prone to fail.

  • 5
    Great value, perfect fit

    Posted by Jim on 11th Jan 2016

    Bought this to replace the oil line on my '09 Clubman S. Not only did it ship quickly and arrive a day earlier than expected, but it fit perfectly - very straightforward and simple installation. Once installed it performed beautifully. Replacing the badly designed OEM unit with this is a no-brainer.

  • 5
    Turbo cooling Line ,Mini Cooper S

    Posted by rick Whitcomb on 16th Jun 2015

    Found this to be an excellent alternative to the OEM part. It wont fail due to heat melting an inferior rubber sealed Banjo bolt joint ,excellent quality and fit .It would be good to enclose a note stating it is a directional part .It will fit either way ask me how I know ,after checking the internet I realized the 90 end was meant for the bottom so I had to switch it around.. How about a T shirt ??

  • 5
    excellent product !

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2014

    Quality product, superior to the factory piece, easy install.

  • 4
    braided oil feed worth it

    Posted by Marcus on 14th Mar 2014

    Installed DT's braided turbo oil feed line today. Took about 3 hours of semi-tedious time.
    Line features compression connections at the banjo, rather than a crimped rubber washer, which should eliminate further leaks.
    Only thing I would do differently next time is tighten the compressions on the BENCH after a fitment as the lower one when tightened tends to force the line away from the block and getting anything in that tight space to prevent that is obnoxious! Left hand threads on that would be better, or if DT would jig-fit and tighten before shipment - that would be cool too. Overall a great upgrade!

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    Turbo oil line

    Posted by Harry on 12th Mar 2014

    This part is better and easier install than defective factory replacement line has banjo fittings and crush washers

  • 4
    A better product from Detroit

    Posted by Patrick Augustine on 16th Dec 2013

    If you want a better idea, look to Detroit Tuned. The Mini Turbo oil line is a better idea and what mini should have done in the first place. I hope they start consulting with Detroit before they design anything else.

    I don't have to worry any more about oil exploding under the hood. The oil line is a good fit with no rubber seals to fail under the heat of the turbo.

  • 5
    Better than stock turbo oil feed line

    Posted by Michael Morine on 28th Aug 2013

    I removed the banjo bolt on the oil feed line to my turbo to inspect it's condition after seeing one that came out of a car with a toasted turbo. My banjo bolt was clean as a whistle as I do frequent (5K) oil changes. My car has 52K miles and the o-ring in the original line started leaking after re-installing the banjo bolt. I chose the Detroit tuned kit so I won't be in the same situation in another 50K miles. The line fit great, high quality product, no problems with the install. I only wish I had smaller hands, some of the heat shield fasteners are in tight places.... I highly recommend this product.