DT JCW Spare Spacer Kit M12 G1

JCW Spare Tire Adapter G1

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DT JCW Spare Spacer Kit M12 G1
DT JCW Spare Spacer Kit M12
2.50 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Here is the solution to make our Spare Tire fit any Gen 1 car with the JCW Brembo Brake option! Until now, a spare tire would not fit over the brakes without hitting the caliper; now add this spacer with the longer lug bolts and it will have enough clearance to get you home. This kit comes with (1) 16mm Spacer and longer lug bolts (M12x1.25) and will work on all Gen 1 to make our Spare Tire clear the JCW Brembo Brakes in the REAR. This isn't mandatory but it comes down to preference.


Note: Spare Tire sold separately. Don't forget your bag!