These are all the links for our friends that we do business with, do business for, or just think are great people that you should support. Any questions....just ask!


Rigler Brothers Sportcars :: Need help with Your Classic MINI? This is your shop if you here in Michigan. Tell them we sent you! 586-381-6317

Whalen Shift Machine :: The best shift knob you can ever have, hands down. Worth every penny!

Motoringstripes :: Todd from White Roof Radio giving you the best vinyl on the market at a low low price!

Clothed Eye :: Steam Punk at its best.

January Studios :: Helping DT build it's website to what it has become today.

The Chicane :: A Vintage Racing Blog

Punk Style :: A Book about clothing styles and trends and how punk affected how you dress. By our good friend Monica Sklar!

Petrolicious :: All about old cars with great videos!

Michigan MINI Car Club  :: We do MINI things here in Michigan!

Motoring Alliance : MINI Forum.

North American Motoring :: MINI Forum