MINI Bonnet Latch Lever

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The MINI Interior Bonnet Latch is the new part you need to fix the problem of a bonnet that will not open any longer!  We see this from time to time in the shop. Typically, you go to pull on the latch and you hear a loud pop, and then the latch goes limp. One or more of several things has just happened: the nipple on the cable just popped out of the tab on the bracket of the latch, the bracket has bent, or the plastic latch has broken.  If the nipple on the cable has popped out, sometimes it can be put back in with some 5 minute epoxy like product and it will stay. If the bracket has bent or the plastic latch has broken, then you definitely will need a new latch.  Just remember, the MCS is a thirsty car for oil, and you don’t want to wait too long to fix it.  MINI will generally advise you that you need all the cables, a latch, and all their labor to the tune of well over $600!  But that is not the case with this $9.00 part that you can install yourself in less than 20 minutes; you save yourself a lot of money.  This comes with everything needed to do the job correctly.  We always have two in stock just in case.  Fits all Gen 2 cars shown in the pull down. Should you also need a cable, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can easily get you one !