MINI Cabin Filter G3

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These are MINI OEM Cabin Filters! We stock cabin filters for your MINI to make sure they fit and help your mini smell great. They are the high end charcoal activated ones. Not only does it filter dust, dirt, leaves, & bugs; it also filters any unwanted smell! It's a simple install under the dash on the passenger side of the car. Just see how the old one comes out, and put the new one in the same way. We recommend changing them out once a year or every 30,000 miles. It all depends on where you drive and how much you drive. Cars that stay outside more can get mice in there, so it's good to check it (keep the re-circulation on to close the door so they can't get in!). Cars that are driven on dirt roads also tend to dirty faster; as well as ones in major cities. So pull yours out from time to time and check it out!

Note: Keep in mind what years are Gen 3 cars. Here is a handy chart below to help. Sold as a pair shown. This is enough for one car. The Gen 1 Filters are Here! Or the Gen 2 filters are Here!

Gen 3:

  • F54 2016-2020 MINI Cooper & Cooper S & ALL4 Clubman
  • F55 2015-2020 MINI Cooper & Cooper S 5 Door
  • F56 2014-2020 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Hardtop
  • F57 2016-2021 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Convertible
  • F60 2017-2022 MINI Cooper & Cooper S & ALL4 Countryman