MINI Cooper Boot Struts R55 AFTER

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MINI Cooper Boot Struts for the Barn Doors on your R55. Are the boot doors not popping open like they used to? If so, you need a new set of boot struts. It's best to replace these in pairs. If one is weak, the other one is not far behind. Replace the set and be done with it. These are new "OEM" boot struts that come ready to install. The cups are pre-greased and just snap onto the ball socket once you get the old strut off. The only tool you need is a small screwdriver and that is in the kit in your car if you don't have one. It's easy enough for one person to do it. If you have the time, clean the ball ends and put some extra grease on them. Cars that live outdoors need a little extra to keep them lubricated. These are the "aftermarket" version of the OEM struts made by the same company. So MINI Quality, without the MINI Price tag!  Call for more details if needed.


Note: Sold as a set of two.