MINI Cooper Rally Light Brackets

MINI Cooper Driving Light Brackets

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Out Motoring Light Brackets have been redesigned yet again to be better (and a better price point!) as of October 2023 and as always are stainless steel that is powder coated gloss black for a durable finish. They also added the capability to be installed in multiple vertical locations using the various holes in the back plate that is attached to the bumper support beam behind the bumper. This is the perfect way to add aftermarket driving or fog lights to the MINI Gen 1 and Gen 2 models. This set of 2 brackets (sold as a set of two) installs to the bumper structure behind the bumper surface and is compatible with nearly every major light including PIAA, Hella, IPF and more. Brackets do not include lights or wiring.

Brackets are made of heavy gauge stainless steel and are powder coated black for a durable long lasting finish. It includes mounting hardware which consists of 4 washers and 4 self tapping screws to attach the brackets directly to the bumper support beam. Installation requires that the bumper be removed and slots created in the lower plastic grill to allow the the actual brackets to protrude. Multiple hole locations on the vertical plate allow the brackets to be mounted in various locations and if you're mounting 4 lights (2 sets of brackets required) you can stagger them if preferred. The position of the lights does not interfere with the intercooler on the Gen 2 Cooper S model and can be installed in conjunction with the factory fog lights. Facelift Gen 2 MINI owners OR those with the JCW front bumper with the brake ducts in the lower grill will likely ONLY be able to mount 2 lights due to the brake ducts taking up the left and right space where the additional brackets would normally be mounted.