MINI Cooper Exhaust Bracket

MINI Cooper Exhaust Bracket

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R50 Exh Bracket Kit
R50 Exh Bracket
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The MINI Cooper Exhaust Bracket is a very common part that rusts through. The muffler is right behind the passenger wheel and gets lots of water and road grime thrown on it. It also gets hot; and the multiple heat up / cool downs for all these parts, added with water, puts the rust into high speed. The upper bracket fails in the center section, creating a loud rattle, then normally the bolts are rusted into the nuts in the upper bracket, so the bolts break and bend up the brackets. This kit comes with everything you will need to repair your system. These are brand new OEM parts from that fit all Gen 1 MINI Coopers! (2002-2006 R50 & 2005-2008 R52)


This kit comes with:


  • Upper Bracket ~ 18-20-7-520-245
  • Lower Bracket ~ 18-20-1-490-024
  • Two Bolts ~ 07-13-0-782-600