MINI Cooper Inner Ball Joint G1 AFTER

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MINI Inner Ball Joint! This will fit all Gen 1 cars (R50, R52, R53, MINI Cooper & S). As we all know, our MINIs have great handling characteristics. Over time the front end parts wear out, giving us a less than tight feeling. When these ball joints wear out, it causes constant changes in camber and toe leaving your car improperly aligned or even excessive vibration and clunking noises. 

Look at the boot and see if it's ripped! We have also seen a huge improvement in handling when we replace these in cars that are well over 100K miles. You might want to look at one of our full rebuild kits. Stage1 or Stage 2. This is a quality aftermarket part that we use in the shop all the time.


MINI Inner Ball Joint, Left Side by Lemforder #31-10-6-779-437 (Retail $144.15)

MINI Inner Ball Joint, Right Side by Lemforder #31-10-6-779-438 (Retail $144.15) 

Both sides