MINI Cooper Front End Service Kit

MINI Cooper Front End Service Kit Stage 1

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Front End Service Kit S1
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As we all know, our MINIs have great handling characteristics. Over time, the front end parts wear out, giving us a less than tight feeling. One of the weak points are the front control arm bushings. When these bushings wear out, it causes constant changes in camber and toe, leaving your car improperly aligned. Upgrading to the powerflex polyurethane units gives you a one-time fix.

While you are changing the front control arm bushings, it's always advantageous to replace the other worn parts, such as the ball joints, due to the added stress of failing control arm bushings. This is an all-in-one kit since the two jobs do overlap.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Powerflex MINI Cooper Front Control Arm Street Bushings #PFF5-101
  • (2) MINI Outer Ball Joint by Lemforder #31-12-6-783-443
  • (1) MINI Left Inner Ball Joint by Lemforder #31-10-6-779-437
  • (1) MINI Right Inner Ball Joint by Lemforder #31-10-6-779-438

Get the control arm bushings pre-pressed into the bracket here at the shop! Just select it from the pull downs. Labor is only $20, shipping weight, & a $100 REFUNDABLE core when undamaged brackets are returned within 2 weeks!