MINI Cooper F54 Spare Tray Kit

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Spare Tray Kit F54
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So you already bought the Spare Tire, but now you need the mount! We have the mounting system that MINI has designed for this spare.  It comes with the the foam tool tray, cover and bolt. Your car may need some minor trimming to make everything fit and work. Cars that didn't get ordered with the mobility package have some different trim and may need light modification to make it all fit. All cars should have the nut insert already welded into the body, but you may need to make a hole in the floor panel with a sharp knife. Also, the pocket the spare tire slides into might need trimming some of the plastic away to give it a pocket. This kit will hold the tire in place and allow you to put all of the tool in place to keep them safe and ready when you need them with no added rattles!

In this kit you get the foam tray, lid cover, and hold down bolt. If you need tools let us know!


  Kit Includes:

  • (1) MINI F54/F60 Clubman Spare Tire Foam Tray #71-10-6-857-380
  • (1) MINI Spare Tire Hold Down Cover for F54 Clubman & F60 Countryman  #36-10-6-857-383
  • (1) MINI Spare Tire Hold Down Wing Screw F54 Clubman & F60 Countryman #07-11-9-908-728