MINI Cooper Power Steering Pump

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Unfortunately, the power steering in our MINIs is notorious for failure. First to go is usually the fan, but after a while if not checked it takes the pump out. If you're having problems with your power steering, look here first! The fans are known for locking up, blowing fuses, and destroying the pumps. Also when replacing the pump, replace the fan at the same time, and check fuse #41 (5 amp) under the dash, to make sure it's not blown. We have seen a coloration of this fuse being blown and the fan turning on or not. We can say the same about the cooling fan. If the cooling fans are not working right, it will also not send a signal to the power steering fan. So make sure your cooling fans are working. If not, get a relay kit and fix it correctly. While you're at it, check the feed and return lines for leaks and replace as needed. We also sell the lines as a kit. Don't forget the fluid! This is a new MINI part and comes with a 2 year, unlimited miles warranty, from MINI and can be honored at any dealer. Parts and Labor, call for more details.


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Note: $60.00 refundable core if pump is returned within 3 weeks from date of purchase. Must be returned in the original box or core charge will not be refunded, sorry this is MINI's policy.



Notice: MINI Gen 1 Power Steering Warranty Notice Page 1  Page 2