MINI Cooper Radiator Foam

MINI Cooper Radiator Foam Kit

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DT Rad Foam Kit
1.00 LBS
$12.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

MINI Cooper Radiator Foam pieces tend to fall off or disappear over time. If the car has been in a front end collision, the body shops never put them back in. Usually because insurance writers never add them to the list of items to replace. If you are replacing your radiator because of a leak, more than likely they are soaked and full of coolant or come off in pieces so they can not be reused. But this simple and inexpensive item can be very important and if not replaced can cause several issues.


Why is it important to reinstall them? Air likes to take the path of least resistance. So if you have a big hole, that will let large amounts of air go around your radiator. Even though you can see the radiator fins, if you put your hand on the surface it will feel flat. Air sees it this way also. If all of the air is not going thru your radiator and condenser, your engine works harder, your cooling system works harder, the fans work harder and your air conditioning works harder. All of which can be costly in hot climates!


This kit includes all 4 radiator foam pieces from MINI. Each one is brand new and comes with a self stick adhesive backing already in place. The core support also has molded marks in it to show you where to place them. Nothing could be easier.


Kit Included:

  • Top Foam 17-10-67-515-479
  • Bottom Foam 17-10-7-515-480
  • Driver Side Foam 51-71-7-042-997
  • Passenger Side Foam 51-71-7-042-998

1 Review

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    MINI Radiator Foam Kit

    Posted by Jarrett Beard on 14th Jul 2021

    Worked perfectly! Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is missing these pieces!