MINI Cooper S Axle Boot

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If you lowered your car super low, or had a failed motor mount, you need to keep an eye on your inner axle boots. We normally see the passenger side go the most often, but we have seen some driver sides fail, as well. As soon as you start to see grease coming out, you need to replace the boot as soon as you can. By not running the bearing dry, all you have to do is clean, re-lube, and put the new boot on. If you run it dry, you will need to replace the axle at $500+ each!


Each kit comes with two styles of grease, and you want to use the bigger tube, or the one that feels like jello, not the dark grey thicker grease. It also comes with all new clamps and c-clips for everything you need to replace during this job. Keep in mind that not all parts in this kit will be used as it has hardware for several different kits all in one. Match up the parts you need to do the job you're doing and replace as needed.


This will fit all Generation 1 Cooper S's inner axle boots, left and right.