MINI Cooper S Exhaust Valve G1

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MINI Cooper S Exhaust Valve that will fit all Generation 1 MINI Cooper & S models, as well as JCW cars. These are factory replacement valves from MINI to fix any burnt valves you may have due to the engine not running correctly, or running too hot due to racing or incorrect octane fuel.  This is a brand new part ready for install; no machining of the valve itself is needed, but work on the head may be and is recommended.  Exhaust guides and/or seals are a very good idea as well. Sold as each, and the car requires 8 exhaust valves.  Not all valves may need replacing depending on the scope of your project, but we highly recommend replacing all 8. If using for a Cooper (R50) application, this is a better valve than what the car came with and will fix your burnt exhaust valve problem for good. Recommend all 8 in that application!