MINI Cooper S G1 Left/Driver Axle AFTER

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14.00 LBS
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This Left/Drivers Side MINI Cooper S Axle is a great replacement axles are made by Diversified Shaft Specialists. This high quality axle is just what your high millage MINI needs to fix clicking, vibrations, and torn grease less boots. Years of hard corners, bad roads, and extreme weather can take its toll on axles. If the boot has torn, and flung all they great out, you need to get to it quickly or you wear they bearings and bearing surfaces quickly and they result is having to replace the axle. These are high quality, low cost replacement axle that we have been using at they shop for a few years now with zero issues.  Comes with everything needed to install. New axle nuts, new c-clips, carrier bearing bracket are all included as need for your application.

Note: Manual MINI Cooper S only.