MINI Cooper Slave Cylinder Line G2

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MINI Cooper Clutch Slave Cylinder Line for all Gen 2 cars, R55,R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61, Cooper or Cooper S. Connects from the output cylinder (slave cylinder) to the main clutch fluid pipe on top of the transmission. They only see this line fail for two reasons. One is the car in the northern states see rust, the line gets stuck inside the slave cylinder and has lots of rust built up around it and it breaks off. The second is this line fails when you remove the slave cylinder, the small o-ring like seal comes off the end, and is still in the slave cylinder. You fail to see that, and you throw out the part, to never be seen again. You can not buy the seal unless you buy the whole line. That seal is required to keep things from leaking. If you need just they seal you can get that here!

Brand new OEM part so you know that it will fit the first time!