MINI Cooper Strut Mount G2 AFTER

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MINI Cooper calls it a “guide support,” but it's most commonly called a front upper strut mount. Over time, they start to flatten out due to lots of bumps in the road. It just takes one good hit from a pothole to rip the rubber around the top. It might start out as a small rip, but it eventually makes its way around in no time. You may even hear a creaking when turning the wheels when parked; or you may even hear a clunk if it's been worn out for a long time. It becomes an obvious problem when doing an alignment because you will have way more camber on that particular side than you should. Once it's ripped, the whole weight of the car is pushing down on it and you can see the big gaping rip. See the above photos of the failed units and what happens to aftermarket units. We find that all aftermarket ones fail quickly and you'll be replacing them again in less than a year. Keep in mind that this is an easy install but the car will need to have an alignment performed immediately after install.

This is the official MINI part, that happens to be sold by another company, who took the MINI/BMW logo off. This is NOT a cheap, knock-off part where the bearings fall out. This is OEM quality, at a lower price!

Note: Sold as each, you need 2 if you want to do both sides.